CleanHealth Environmental provides comprehensive infection prevention, industrial hygiene, OSHA training and consulting services, offering clients valuable risk management and compliance solutions



CleanHealth provides an array of infection prevention training and consulting services, focused on healthcare personnel responsible for infection prevention, cleaning and disinfection, and facility operations and maintenance, as well as the contractors, suppliers and vendors who serve the industry. Healthcare facilities are not the only entities struggling to combat infections. Community-acquired infections plague many industries including schools, prisons, cruise ships and airlines. CleanHealth‘s risk managed training and consulting solutions provide the necessary tools to protect your business, the occupants, the workers, and the environment.


Focused on the indoor environment,   CleanHealth offers a both training and consulting services surrounding microbial growth, lead-based paint and asbestos.

 Industrial hygiene clients include: property management personnel, property owners, restoration personnel, insurance professionals, healthcare facility personnel, general contractors and subcontractors.

All course curriculums  include lectures, video presentations, interactive “hands-on” exercises, and resource handouts. Students receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Courses are offered both onsite and online. The online provides options for both “live” web-based (synchronous) training or asynchronous e-learning, which allows for on-demand learning 24/7, 365 day a year, a convenient and cost-effective option to our Clients.


Shari Solomon

Shari Solomon, Esq.


Shari L. Solomon, Esq. is president of CleanHealth Environmental, LLC. CleanHealth provides infection prevention, industrial hygiene and OSHA training and consulting services geared toward facility personnel and vendors responsible for infection prevention, cleaning and disinfection, and facility operations and maintenance practices. Ms. Solomon possesses more than 20 years of environmental consulting and federal regulatory experience.  An attorney by trade, combined with her experience in the industrial hygiene field with a focus on infection prevention, Shari holds a unique expertise and understanding of liability prevention techniques, offering clients practical and valuable risk management solutions.

Prior to launching CleanHealth, Shari held the position as Director of Training with a full service industrial hygiene firm and was charged with the development and oversight of all training programs nationwide. Ms. Solomon’s has trained thousands of individuals, both here and abroad, spanning 20 years. Shari also conducts infection prevention services including policy and procedure program development, infection prevention evaluations, litigation support, and environmental quality assessments.

Ms. Solomon is a Designated Trainer under the Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician Program (T-CHEST) from The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association as well as a member of Durable Coated Fabrics Task Force, affiliated with the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID). Shari is a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) through the ACAC and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida and a Juris Doctorate from The Catholic University of America.

Sara McKelvey Wittig, MPH, CIC

Sara McKelvey Wittig, MPH, CIC

Sara McKelvey Wittig, MPH, CIC is an epidemiologist and public health expert who has provided infection prevention expertise in a variety of healthcare settings. Currently, Wittig is leading the infection prevention aspect of a new initiative by the Maryland Patient Safety Center to improve environmental cleaning in healthcare facilities. She also contributes to the infection prevention program at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD. Prior to this, Wittig worked as an infection preventionist at Johns Hopkins Hospital where she led efforts to reduce Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections as well as led infection prevention efforts for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Ms. Wittig came to the infection prevention field from a career as an epidemiologist for various government and non-governmental agencies where she partnered on projects in Romania, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, New York City, and Anne Arundel County. In these locations, she collaborated with a variety of community and government stakeholders on efforts to improve access to care, outbreak management, and pandemic planning. She endeavors to learn about new opportunities for the science and art of infection prevention to cross-over into other disciplines, and she is most passionate about inspiring others to find creative solutions and new perspectives for improving patient care.

Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and anthropology from the University of Maryland and a master of public health degree in epidemiology from Columbia University. She is board certified in infection control by the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC).

Amanda Anderson, B.S.

Amanda Anderson

Amanda Anderson is an industrial hygienist focused on environmental compliance and occupational health and safety. Currently, Amanda works as the industrial hygiene manager for CleanHealth Environmental, LLC, where she fulfills administrative duties, while also assisting with training and consulting services regarding regulatory compliance of hazardous materials, environmental hygiene and infection prevention in healthcare settings.

Prior to this, Amanda worked as an industrial hygienist for LIFE Seeds, Inc, of Baltimore, MD, where she was the project manager for several remediation and abatement contractors. Amanda is also an EPA certified asbestos inspector and NIOSH 7400 certified analyst.

Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Salisbury University, in Salisbury, Maryland, where she gained undergraduate research experience in microbial genetic community analysis.

Amanda is enthusiastic towards the many applications of environmental hygiene and infection prevention in today’s society, and is motivated towards improving safety in healthcare, industrial, and public settings.



Danny Hunt, B.A.

Danny Hunt

Danny Hunt is an environmental training provider focused on environmental hygiene and occupational health and safety. Danny has years of industrial hygiene experience and provides training for CleanHealth Environmental, regarding mold, lead based paint and asbestos.

Danny is an approved instructor for EPA certified courses such as asbestos worker, supervisor, management planner, inspector and project designer; as well as OSHA safety compliance and lead risk assessor. Danny previously worked for the Indoor Air Quality Training Institute, where he served as project manager for microbial emergencies, as well as a training instructor.

Danny owned and managed Hunt & Associates, out of Monroeville, PA, which specialized in abatement and indoor air quality. He is a veteran of the United States Army and holds a bachelor’s of arts degree in secondary education from the University of Pittsburgh. Danny is passionate about worker safety and environmental protection.

Professional Headshot

Chelsea Davenport

Chelsea Davenport serves as the Administrative Coordinator for CleanHealth Environmental, LLC. In this role, Chelsea is primarily responsible for fulfilling administrative duties.

Chelsea is a highly organized individual with great communication and interpersonal skills. She has many years' of experience working in business administration.

Chelsea joined our team in March 2024. In addition, she is a certified wellness and creativity coach and volunteers her time speaking to adolescent girls about the importance of balancing wellness and success. She will expand her knowledge base of environmental hygiene and infection prevention whilst utilizing her skills, contributing to the growth of CleanHealth Environmental, LLC.